I know everyone here who has ever read Matt Cutts blog and spoke with previously successful affiliates have heard the old adage that ‘content is king’ and the more crap you right about (as long as its unique) the more successful your site will become. While having new content (text) is great, and especially crucial for a blog, there is something often less to desire when I am reading poker portals. Too often the author (webmaster) is trying to create a ‘call to action’ for his readers and just comes up short. SEO copy is good and helps you get rankings, but writing the same old news in a new way every day is both boring and an RSS killer.

The best advice I have seen came from the sharp Sugarrae blog. They suggested that you approach writing your sites content like you would an interesting movie script. Think ‘Saving Private Ryan’ here (quality content) as opposed to ‘Saving Ryan’s Privates’ (spam copy with a affiliate link). Chances are that if you are like me then you are always up for a fresh, new script or plot theme. I am a sucker for indie flicks because they don’t leave you thinking, “I like it better when Samuel L Jackson did that” in his movie. (Any Samuel L. Jackson movie will work here except Pulp Fiction) Back to business; try and write about things that are related to your nice but offer a fresh take on a topic. Sites that become ‘sticky’ and that are often added to users RSS feeds are the ones that usually stay popular and capitalize on more than SEO because…they are entertaining

Keep surveying and reading about what your competition is talking about. Go off the beaten path sometimes and see what you can do for linkbait in a clever way. Most importantly see what articles and posts are drawing the most attention. Chances are you will find out that more people will read “Getting drunk playing poker is not good” rather than “focusing on your no limit game” every time.


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