Poker Affiliate ConversionsAs a successful poker affiliate myself, and having a fair amount of sub-affiliates, there is one thing I see in common with all failing affiliates; They all have terrible conversion strategies.

There are poker affiliates that can drive 1000 uniques a day, but yet can’t get any real money players. Then you have affiliates that can only drive 250 uniques a day and get mad conversions. There is a concept in general marketing named “A Call To Action”. If your site doesn’t have this, you will struggle to bring in new real money players. In 2008, flashing a banner or a review in front of a player is not enough to get them to “click and sign up”

As a webmaster or affiliate, you need to give your traffic a REASON to click that banner or sign up. Whether it be a sign-up bonus, a special promotion, or even a custom promo, GIVE YOUR TRAFFIC A REASON TO SIGN UP.

This is the biggest mistake new poker affiliates make. They just list reviews and websites, but they don’t provide any great calls to action. In order to convert your traffic to real money players you have to develop a conversion strategy.