February 2, 2009 (InfoPowa News) — One of the new products to be showcased at ICEi, part of the International Gaming Expo in
London last week, was a new wireless poker controller, which the
developers claim could “change the way Online Poker is played forever!”

The Poker Controller is a wireless device that was
designed to aid online poker players with their game play. The product
alleviates problems such as miss-clicks, missed moves, inaccurate
betting, loss of focus and other errors, the makers claim.
Designed with patented play options, the poker controller provides unique and dedicated tools, such as the Raise-O-Meter
– a pinpoint accurate betting dial that enables players to reach their
desired bet amount with optimum speed and accuracy. Easy-to-reach
quick-bet buttons such as ‘Two times the bet (X2)’, ‘Three times the
bet (X3)’ etc., ‘Bet pot (POT)’ and All-in (ALL-IN) offer players
instant response betting with just one button. Other features include:
dedicated BET, CHECK/CALL and FOLD buttons — so the chances of a
player clicking the wrong move are significantly reduced, as are
mistakes in table seating options, instant lobby view button, automatic
blind posting, even an emergency shutout at the push of button.
Poker Controller has also pioneered a new dimension in switching
between multiple tables in play. Unlike the current scenario where a
poker player must use the mouse to actively click on the game window
they wish to control, the Poker Controller features unique table
switching buttons which are easily clicked with the players forefingers
like the L1/R1 buttons on a Playstation controller.
addition to enabling players to flick left and right between game
windows at speed, the software highlights the table in play, locking
out any moves on another table, thereby preventing miss-clicks on the
wrong table.
On-screen prompts are also provided by the
Poker Controls Software Application giving players a quick view of the
current table in play.
The Poker Controller is to be offered
fully loaded with a wireless USB receiver, a rechargeable battery pack,
USB charging cable, software and drivers, and is due to appear in
retail outlets worldwide in March 2009.