Do gambling and comedy make a good combo? I love a good comedy site more than most — the Onion back in the day — but I’m not sure what to think about the fake-news online gambling site Craps Online.

Have you guys checked this site out? Every now and then an article will show up in my Google Alerts, and I’ll click over. The articles, which are fake and seem to try to mimic the Onion style, are sometimes funny, and sometimes not. For example, “You Will Lose Casino Brings Online Casino Players Honesty” kind of brings the chuckles, but others like “Online Casino Players Receive Free Money From US Government” are just sort of “huh?” — like they want to fool people more than make them laugh.

Then again, maybe that’s the point, for all I know. So what do you think? Check it out for yourself at this link.


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