When building out your Internet poker mini-sites (or even building sub-sections of your main online poker website), to effectively bring in traffic (and make money), you’ll want to find a unique niche that you can market. 

By niche, I mean creating a certain specialty or area of expertise regarding online poker that poker players can rely upon your site for. Something specific; something that can be updated regularly; some kind of info that players will and keep coming back to check up on if you do a good job of filling that niche.

We’ve already discussed the benefits of focusing on certain niches like poker lessons or poker freerolls. But honestly, there are a ton of other potential niches you could take a crack at when building out your online poker minisites.

One of the most tried and true poker niches is the poker chat room or Internet poker forum. True, there is a lot of competition out there for this. There’s already a ton of poker forums to be found online, as you surely know. But poker chat rooms are less common. And really, there’s no reason why you can’t build some traffic with a good, new online poker forum, especially if you focus on something a bit more specific than the other guys.

You could also start an online poker calendar that keeps track of Internet poker events. This can be a schedule of tournaments from big sites like Full Tilt Poker or Titan Poker, or it can be a smaller collection of lesser-known events from smaller websites. (That might have more of an appeal, actually.)

Poker classified ads is another option. Poker affiliates and poker players like to network; give them a place to do business for free.

You could also start a mini-site about online poker news, perhaps online poker legal updates. As the United States, and California, gets set to possibly legalize online poker, there’s generally news about developments every week, if not every day. Good fodder for regular updates. You could also focus internationally: France has recently decided to allow online poker, and Poland has just decided to ban it.

Really, the sky’s the limit when creating an online poker niche. Strike a balance between being creative and actually providing something online poker players are going to be searching for. Don’t be too creative that you create a theme that nobody cares about; but be creative enough to catch players’ interest. (Sounds easy, huh?)


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