Alright I’ll admit it; I am a huge MMA fan and am always looking for a new way to introduce it into my professional life. Although my buddy Iggy beat me to the punch (pun intended) with his killer new blog UFC Junkie, a few posts on CAP today really got my attention.

Earlier today a member asked, “Is there a sportsbook that takes action UFC fights” and if so who is it? Great question! Besides our buddies at BetUS there are loads of other book taking wagers on MMA fights. Bodog has some nice lines on their fights (Bodog Fight) as well as the ever popular UFC fight cards. Pause here for about the best marketing ever – Fight Girls.

My Favorite FighterForrest Griffin

A lot of poker affiliates are uncomfortable with promoting a sportsbook on their sites. If you fall in to that category then this idea really isn’t for you. If you’re looking to bank on all cylinders from your portal then think about cross marketing a little. No question MMA fighting is pretty popular right now and many books are adding these fight lines to their schedules. Good news is that a LOT of poker players are also UFC fans; and are always looking to place a wager on the fights. Recently speaking with some sports book operators I gathered the feeling that this is quickly becoming a major source of new revenue for their business.

Adding a spate blog or landing page to your portal is probably the best idea out there. If you’re good at SEO then go for a few favorite fighters and see what sticks. Add the most recent lines and news to your site and see how your poker traffic responds (and vice versa). You might be surprised how these two interests will help each your response rate.

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