If you have taken a minute to look through the new PAP ‘All-In Directory’ you most likely have noticed there is one site listed that isn’t a poker room. How can this be? Did Greg seriously loose his mind when he was in Vegas? No. The answer is that just like Ben and Jerry, Jack and Dianne, Poker and Skill Games go together hand in hand.

Lets Wiki together for a second and bring everyone up to speed. Online skill-based games are a growing genre of browser-based games. They allow users to compete for money in games of skill, rather than games of chance (that is, Gambling). So basically the argument we all have is what the Skill world is banking on. Games of Skill aren’t in the same genre as games of chance like roulette, craps, slots, lap dance at the Spearmint Rhino.

Every week I receive emails from affiliates asking me, “how can I make more money from my site” and every week I have something I find completely clever to tell them. About 2 months ago I was preaching that poker affiliates should add UFC lines to their sites and see how that cross market works. Guess what? It does work and more people should be doing this. Props to my man Justin Goff for taking the initiative and doing an MMA Blog. Possibly he will be the new Iggy in that respect – ambitious.

So, here is the next golden nugget of wisdom to poker affiliates looking to diversify some. Start cross promoting Skill Games to your visitors looking to gamble with something other than cards. You might be surprised what sort of SEO you can accomplish with a few landing pages geared around terms such as trivia, real money puzzles and money solitaire.

Skill Games

Where do I start, who do I work with? Right now my best bet is Skillground Games. They have a super popular skill golf game called UTour.com and it’s like the WSOP for Tiger Woods players. Â Head over to their site and take a quick look. I am sure you will see a fit for your current page or for a landing page or two. With all the non-converting and over saturated poker terms out there it might be time to end 2007 with something fresh and new.