I Really Can’t Talk Enough About This

Paying enough attention to promoting what pays us money is something I’ve spoken about a great deal about in past articles, and you may wonder why I’m devoting another segment to this. It really is that important though. What really stands out for me is how much even the most popular and most successful websites fail to appreciate all of this properly, so we want to make sure we’re not among this group.

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Make sure you are weighting things enough toward what we’re actually trying to do with our websites

In fact, I would say that poker sites generally fail in this regard, and most not only fail to do so but fail miserably. While it is true that some people, not that many actually but some, do come to our sites with the explicit intention of checking out and signing up at one of our websites, we seem perfectly happy to focus on this low hanging fruit so to speak, and are willing to do very little if anything to entice those who require enticement.

Looking at our example site Poker Listings, this really is a good example of what I am talking about. They think it is more than sufficient to just post their poker site ranking board in the left hand corner of the home page and the box promoting their lead poker room to the right of that.

What we need to ask ourselves though is that unless you are already pretty interested in that stuff, would you even check any of it out? If the answer is no, what the hell are we doing anyway here? Is it not our task to maximize interest in this, not just take advantage of pre existing interest?

It’s Poker Rooms 100%, Other Stuff Zero %

We make our money by referring people to poker rooms. Our websites exist to make money. Therefore our websites exist to promote poker rooms. They do not exist for any other reason. Any content that is not directly related to poker room promotion must exist solely for its contribution to this goal, in other words we get them to check out other stuff to give us a better opportunity to sell them on our poker room deals, the same way as getting them interested in a TV show exposes them to more of our commercials.

So if we’re deciding on whatever other content that we want to put on our website, we must make sure that we’re doing so with a complete view toward how this is going to help us get more signups. Now this might be simply a matter of putting enough ads on our pages, although to do this right we also need to weave poker room promotion and other poker room related information in our content as well, to maximize the effectiveness here.

However, what tends to happen with affiliate websites is that they lose sight of the prominence of the poker room deals and spend way too much time on the other stuff and nowhere near enough on the money makers. Looking at Poker Listings’ home page, that stuff at the top is really all they do here, and even more shockingly, you can go to their side content and often not even see any effort whatsoever to promote their poker room deals there.

So for instance you can be attracted to a poker lesson and go to the page and not find a single mention of signing up at any poker room, not even a bloody banner on the page anywhere. This is absurd when you realize that the entire point of these lessons is not merely to educate visitors on poker, it’s to promote our business, and we are not in the business of educating players.

It is like putting together a TV program on a network and forgetting to put in any commercials. What do you think would happen to the producer if he or she tried this? They would not only get fired, they would have their sanity put into question. We need to maintain ours though.

Bottom Line Is Remember Your Purpose

I will get into the actual nuts and bolts of this matter, in other words how to more effectively focus our efforts on the results we are trying to achieve, in further articles, but in this one I want to make sure that everyone is crystal clear on what our true objective here needs to be . Once we get a firm and in fact a complete grasp of that, then this will provide the framework and the perspective that is required to put our plan into action effectively.

Poker room promotion isn’t just the lead offer, as the title of this piece suggests, it’s the only offer, unless you are promoting other things on your website that you make money from, and the presumption here is that you are not for the purposes of these articles. If you are, then you will obviously need to give that some weighting, although given the nature of revenue from poker room signups versus other ways to monetize our traffic, it probably won’t be a very significant weighting, and most of your focus will still need to be on the poker rooms.

So with the perspective of our sole task being to get as many poker room signups as possible, we will move on to speaking about putting that into practice in the next article.


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