February 25, 2009 (InfoPowa News) — Tom ‘durrr’ Dwan‘s epic online poker match against Patrik Antonius,
ultimately for million-dollar stakes, saw the end of the fourth session
yesterday with 3,952 hands played of the 50,000 required to decide a
firm winner.
In the latest clash, Durrr controlled much of the $200/$400 action to
emerge after three hours of play around $149,978 ahead of Antonius,
peaking at one time in the session at $229,814.
The match attracted a huge amount of attention across the Internet,
notably at poker site 2+2.com which recorded 213,419 posts on the
appropriate thread and probably legions more lurking and reading.
Biggest pot thus far in the challenge was $166,581, which Durrr took
down. Up to now, Dwan has won three of the four sessions played against
challenger Antonius.