Tom “durrrr” Dwan and Patrik Antonius have resumed their on-again, off-again “Durrr Challenge” poker competition, ongoing since last year, with the current result of durrr coming out a good deal ahead in this round.

Since both players have been drawn to London over the World Series of Poker Europe event, they’ve had occasion to jump-start the often-heated tournament. Earlier this year, it seems as though Antonius was getting the jump on ol’ Tom, but there’s been a bit of a lull in the action since then.

“Railbirds and poker players around the world have mentioned in the top online forums that the challenge would take just too much time at its current pace,” states, “and some were even less optimistic that the players would reach 25K hands before durrrr bailed out of the challenge.”

Well, whether or not any of that is true, the challenge, it seems, is back on — even despite the “$4.2 million hit” to Dwan’s bankroll that the previous action had seen.

Now, though, the two are almost even again. In the latest session, after logging 1,063 hands, and also after quite a few ups and downs, durrrr has finished $418,000 ahead and launched to a $697,ooo overall lead.

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