Let’s Try To Fix This Info Box

In the last article I spoke about the failings of the info box in the upper left hand sidebar of our example review by Pokerlistings on 888 Poker.

So if you look at the left hand sidebar in this review you will see a box called hits and misses which we’ve already covered in detail, and then directly below that you will see a box called “info,” which is the subject of our current examination.

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Our traffic won’t know where it is going unless we direct them properly

There are a total of 11 fields in this box, which seems like a few too many actually but we won’t quibble with that too much.  I spoke about several fields being inappropriate in the last segment and the several that are actually blank, which is a real shocker since even if they are using a template here, which they clearly are, they need to either find something appropriate to fill in these fields or delete them.

Leaving them blank as they do is inexcusable, even though in some cases the information required to fill them in is readily available on the internet, demonstrating nothing other than the author failed to do his or her homework in addition to making such a huge oversight as to leave fields populated but blank.

Enough of that though, let’s move on to what we could put in this box instead, looking at replacing what needs to be replaced and perhaps keeping some of it as well if it functions well enough to serve its purpose here.

Looking At The Purpose Of This Box

It is important that we understand what the point of this box should be prior to creating it, and that is to give our readers a quick reference to some pertinent information on the site.  I’m not even sure I like using something like this at all, there are some things we do want to tell them in a box like this that may help get them interested in reading on, but I don’t think that tidbits of information here does that, and therefore I’m not sure it’s even a good idea to use a box on this.

However they did though and we’re looking to work with the framework they chose so we’ll try to make something of some value out of it.

I don’t think it really has any value though in its present form, other than perhaps telling readers that they have been around since 2002, something we do want to tell them about but need not do that here.

It is not too much to expect that whatever we put in this box should be significant enough to warrant being put there, and not just throw a bunch of minor details at them like Pokerlistings does.  Some of these details may be important enough to include, but as discussed in the previous article, some clearly do not.

The name does need to go, although we could keep the website listing as we can use this as another way to direct traffic there, it would be our affiliate link though of course so if players are that curious to already click this will at least deliver our cookie to them even if they don’t sign up right away.

I’m not sure why the country that the poker room is located in matters enough to put here, or why it even matters, I would want to tell them about the company that owns it though and in this case that it is a publicly traded company, as this can add some prestige.

So we could put it this way in this case:

Website:  http://www.888poker.com
Company:  888 Holdings plc.
Ownership:  Publicly traded on the London Stock Exchange.
Revenue: $400.5 million (2013).

So that does show people that we’re not dealing with some fly by night company run out of someone’s house on some small island somewhere.

So we are up to 4 fields already and the info is fairly useful to know at least and serves our purpose here somewhat at least, which is what we will also shoot for with the rest of the stuff we put in here.

Filling In The Other Blanks

Established:  1997

The poker room was set up in 2002 but the company itself was established back in 1997, in the earliest days of online gambling, and there’s no reason not to use 1997 here because we are talking about the company here after all.

So how about another piece of info that people may find interesting:

Games Offered:  Poker, Casino, Sports Betting, Bingo

That adds value to the site as well as informing, and we need to focus on both.  The next field is about the auditor, the only problem here is that 888 doesn’t give us the name of the companies that test their RNG, so we’re going to have to change this field a bit, although the identity of the companies doing it won’t be meaningful to people anyway.  They are regulated though so we want to put that:

Regulator:  Gibraltar Gambling Commissioner
Software Independently Verified:  Yes

A yes is a whole lot better than just being silent on this.

While we really don’t need to tell people what network this site is on, it is good information with some sites, and seeing that we’re coming up with a template here, we can leave that:

Network:  888 Network

The other fields we can simply do without, their email address for support, the size of the file, and when this review was allegedly created.

Is there anything else we should throw in this box?  Well there’s nothing that comes to mind, and we don’t want to clutter it up as if we do then it will take up real estate on our page, and while the side bar does extend down a long ways and most of it is unused, the first screen area is valuable and we never want to waste valuable space.


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