Keyword density is one of the most important — and misused — elements of online poker SEO. Of course, when it comes to engineering your online poker affiliate site for the search engines, there are very few concrete answers. Thankfully, online poker keyword density is one element that you can take a bit of control over.

Of course, there’s no such thing as an industry standard poker keyword density, despite what some SEO tools and/or experts would have you believe. As SEO Consult says, keyword density is “something that needs to be judged on a site-by-site, or even page-by-page basis.”

That said, there are basic ratios that can be worked out and used. For example, the amount of keywords you use depends on how much content is on each page. Hence, the term “keyword density” — how dense the amount of online poker keywords you have can only be measured in relation to how much content you have. In this sense, the term “keyword density” means a percentage of the whole.

“So, for example, if you have a single keyword three times in a 200-word piece of content, the keyword density is 1.5%,” as SEO Consult further explains. “The keyword frequency, however, is three, and will remain three even if you plump out the article to 300 words.”

So what’s the difference there? What does keyword density matter to your SEO efforts, and how is it more or less important than keyword frequency?

It isn’t that one is more important than the other; the idea is that both ideas should be used together. It’s believed that Google and other search engines do not favor content with high keyword density. So, most SEO advice centers around the idea that you should keep your keyword frequency to about one instance per paragraph, which would be about three mentions per 300-word article.

In this way, Internet poker keyword frequency can be used to create an optimum keyword density. Using the once-per-paragraph metric of ideal keyword frequency, and the 300-word article guideline (that’s about the standard length you want to go for), your ideal online poker keyword density should be about 2.25% per article per main keyword.

That may be a surprisingly low number; a novice mistake when it comes to search marketing is keyword overuse. But overusing keywords on your poker affiliate site can do as much damage as overusing them, or misusing them.


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