Before opening the keyword tool or buying a domain name, one must define who they are, what they plan to do, and how it will benefit their visitors.  When building a poker site from scratch, we do not want to be ordinary by any means.  We want to stand out and provide value to our visitors.  We want to be unique. A poker site with merely ten strategy articles and ten reviews or worse yet a few strategy articles, a bunch of banners and one or two reviews does not make us unique.  A setup of this nature does not reflect any planning, there is really no niche, and it provides little, if any value to the visitor.

When building a poker site from scratch, we must first think like our ideal visitor.  I think I can confidently say that our ideal visitors are poker players.  However, the universe of poker players is a bit broad for a brand new poker site to focus on.  We need to be more specific in defining our target market.  Are we looking to target brand new poker players who are exploring playing poker on the internet for the first time?  Are we targeting more experienced poker players?  Is it tournament players we are after, cash game poker players, poker players who play higher stakes games, lower stakes games, hobby level players, full time grinders?

Once we have identified the audience we are after, we must then think as they do.  We have to place ourselves in the shoes of our targeted or ideal visitor.  If we are targeting a full time internet poker player who plays eight ring game tables at once for eight hours each day and we only play one single table tournament each week, it can be difficult to view the world from their eyes accurately.  The webmaster that is targeting a market that they are a part of or can relate to is at an advantage.  If I multi-table daily, it makes sense I understand what a multi-tabling poker player is looking for when they come to a poker website.  If I do not, but I plan to target them as my ideal customer, I have to make myself understand who they are and what motivates or inspires them out of a poker website.

Once I have identified my target market, I must then determine what is important to them.  In order to understand my marketplace better, I can talk to poker players that I know who are part of my target market.  Additionally, I can read books or even visit various places that have communities that consist of members of my target market.

By researching things of this nature, I am bringing myself in tune with the needs, the lingo, and the interests of the market that my new poker site is targeting.  Identifying a target market and understanding the needs and desires of your target market is the first step in carving out a niche for our brand new poker website.  Knowing what motivates and captures the interest of the specific type of poker player I am seeking helps me determine what I can offer my future website’s visitors so that I speak to them.  I can then begin the process of brainstorming what I can offer that will convert my visitors, as well as begin to answer the more important questions about my website such as who we are, what we offer, and how we will benefit our visitors.  This thought process gives my website a sense of identity, focus, a target market, and a way for me to carve out my poker site’s niche.

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