Finishing Up The Game Selection/Volume Box

One of the positive things about this box is that they do set out some of the different types of games that can be played here, but even so, they could have done a much better job in that.  We’ve decided that the traffic numbers, the raw numbers that is, if we are going to include a traffic analysis like this in the first place, should be replaced with qualitative measurements indicating how good or not so good the traffic is there for each category.

poker measuring

Let’s finish measuring up this side of the sidebar of the review

So this brings us to the categories themselves, what we want there.  Now given that one of the main purposes of this box is to give people an idea of what sort of variety the poker room has in terms of game selection, then it’s not a bad idea to have several categories such as this.

This doesn’t mean that we need to do it this way though, we could have gotten by with less categories and with a lot of reviewers they may want and even need to do it that way as they may not have the kind of knowledge about the site to be able to say too much here, and this isn’t information that is readily available either.

It’s better to rely on general statements than make specific ones that you’re not sure about the accuracy with, or are just guessing.

However, with our approach of just assigning broad grades to these categories, this does make our job easier.

Are These Categories Sufficient Though?

The thing that stands out the most to me in Poker Listings’ listing of the game categories here is that we can see most people play tournaments but these are all pretty much cash game listings, with only a single tournament category listed, the overall one.

This doesn’t really make sense, although the real reason may be that this info just wasn’t so readily available.  Still though that can’t stop us from having this box serve its proper function, which is to inform, and if most people play tournaments, 5 times as many as play cash if their numbers are to be believed, then this would deserve at least as much attention, not a lot less.

So I would look to break down tournaments by type as well, and God forbid we could actually go to the site and see what people are playing, and that should give us a pretty good idea of what people are playing to be able to pass this info along.  Once again one of the advantages of general categorizing is that we don’t need the exact numbers, but neither do our readers.

So we now have a pretty good idea of what we would make this box look like, and yeah it is going to be longer, but there’s lots of room down this side of the page as you can see and there’s a huge amount of unused space on each sidebar, so if we use it more that’s not a bad thing for sure.

The Support Boxes

Finally, on this side we have the two boxes talking about the support at this poker room.

I won’t have too much to say about it, there’s definitely some things to like here, although there’s also some strange things like their support staff is 90% friendly.  I guess the reviewer here is obsessed about numbers, about quantifying everything, this is both very funny and quite sad at the same time.

Why have people wondering what the heck 90% friendly means though?  I’ve dealt with their support staff quite a bit over the years and there are some agents that are friendlier than others of course, but this is not how I’d put it.

I would not look to quantify friendliness at all, once again we can use very good or good or something of that nature, I’m not sure we’d ever want to say that a poker site’s staff was not friendly though, and they really are at least decently friendly overall anyway.  Even the jack assess at least try to be friendly I guess.

I really don’t like the Neteller payout time here, although elsewhere they do tell you that withdrawal requests are held for 3 days before processing, and it generally takes an extra day for it to be processed, so it can’t be 72 hours.

This is 888’s biggest problem area by far and we shouldn’t look to gloss over it like this, it takes me over a week to get money out of that place for instance because their withdrawal options are so limited here that I have to get the money wired, and their wires aren’t even that reliable, they get screwed up way too often.

I would even say that the withdrawal process is pathetic at this poker room, but I still play there anyway because it is a very good site overall.  Now we don’t want to describe this in such honest terms but there’s nothing wrong with a little honesty either, and this can really help your review if done properly.

They say the withdrawal smoothness is 85% though, there they go with more numbers, I’m not sure what this means or how they get 85%, once again I don’t see the need or even the sense of such quantifications.

The second support box is superfluous by the way, there’s no new info in this one that isn’t included in the main box, I see nothing wrong with reinforcing this stuff in the main box but a second box is not needed for sure.

So that wraps it up for this side, we’ll move on to the right hand sidebar in the next installment.


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