In journalism classes, journalists are trained to ask five questions:

  1. Who?
  2. What?
  3. Where?
  4. Why?
  5. How?

Each of these questions is a natural jumping-off point for a poker website. And depending on how broad or how narrow you make the questions, you can launch larger or small websites focused on each question. Even if you have a broad-based poker content site, these questions make great starting points for content ideas.

Who Poker Niches?

Who plays poker? Who plays poker professionally? Who plays poker online? Who are the most famous women playing poker?

Any of these questions can be the start of an entire poker niche site.

What Poker Niches?

What poker games do people play? What poker sites accept USA-based poker players? What languages do people play poker in, and which online cardrooms offer poker play in those languages?

Some of these questions can provide very profitable poker niches in which to launch a site.

Where Poker Niches

Where can you play live poker? Where can you play online poker? Where can you play five card stud online? Where can you play poker online if you use a Mac? Where can you find poker strategy information?

Sites that answer the “where” questions are generally considered directory style sites.

Why Poker Niches

Why do people play poker? Why do people play Texas holdem? Why do people play Omaha? Why should you play a tight-aggressive style of poker?

Someone could launch “” and just build pages answering “why” questions like this:

  • Why is AA the best starting hand in Texas holdem?
  • Why did (poker player name here) do (poker player behavior) in this situation?
  • Why should you play at Poker Room A instead of Poker Room B?

How Poker Niches

How to play poker? How to play Texas holdem? How to win at sit n go tournaments?

“How” poker questions are probably the most useful type of content to launch, but a certain amount of expertise might be required in order to write competently about them.

Next time you want to launch a new poker site but can’t think of a niche, consider launching a site based on one of the five W’s above. And next time you’re stumped for content, any of these questions make a great jumping off point too.