Believe it or not, “free Internet poker” is one of the most commonly searched for phrases in online poker SEO. That might not make much sense to seasoned online poker players and marketers, who already understand that online poker is, for the most part, free to play. (The software is free, that is, but of course, you have to bet money to make money.)

So, what do all these people searching for free online poker really want? Are they really looking for ways to win money without betting any money? Or do they just want to download online poker software for free, perhaps not realizing that almost every major Internet poker site offers players free gaming?

The difference matters, actually. If there are online poker players out there actually hoping to win big bucks playing online poker without actually wagering any money — if that’s their idea of “free Internet poker” — then those people are pretty deluded about the basics of poker, offline or online. (To put it charitably.) And you probably don’t want to waste any effort marketing to that kind of player.

On the other hand, if it’s the second type of player, the person who’s willing to actually wager money but isn’t experienced enough to understand that online poker is generally free — this could be exactly the type of online poker player you want to build traffic around. Think about it: You may be signing up lifetime poker players at the beginning; with the right poker affiliate programs as partners, you could be making commissions off these players for a very long time.

Of course, there is a pretty big exception to these two rules: Sometimes poker rooms offer free play in the form of free bonuses or other “rewards”. Online poker players searching for “free Internet poker” could simply be looking for the latest free bonuses or freerolls, but simply failing to use the right terminology. In that case, consider maximizing the SEO impact of whatever poker affiliate marketing content you have that’s aimed at freerolls or bonuses with the SEO phrases “free Internet poker” or “free online poker”.


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