January 19, 2010 (PAP Newswire) — Continuing its reputation for providing online poker players with the most exciting innovations the game has to offer, Full Tilt Poker has just introduced its latest feature, Rush Poker, which it labels “the ultimate high-speed poker experience”.

“Warning: Rush Poker is extremely fast paced – prepare yourself for the most intense poker action in the world!” So begins the company’s introduction to this latest feature, created to minimize players’ wait time between hands and the action going at top speed.

The details: Rush Poker pits players in a large pool, facing a different table of opponents with each hand played. When a player folds, he or she is rushed to the next table for a new hand, almost instantaneously.

Serious online poker players are likely to respond strongly to this latest poker innovation. Click here for more details at Full Tilt Poker, and click here for info on the Full Tilt Poker affiliate program.