‘Build it and they will come’ was the tag line from the best Kevin Costner movie ever made, Field of Dreams. And while that was true for angelic baseball players coming from heaven it’s not so true for online poker players. When you have chosen the perfect niche, filled up your site with killer content and attractive creative designs, it’s time to get people over to your site. Chances are you will not rank highly in the search engines right off the bat so researching other ways of acquiring unique visitors is your new job. Since the major PPC sites out there are not ‘gambling friendly’ it will be a little harder to find quality places to advertise.

The first step to gaining traction is link trading and building good ‘link baiting’ content. Matt Cutts defines link bait as anything “interesting enough to catch people’s attention.” We as webmasters are in the process of constant writing and researching. If you are thinking of building a nicely trafficked site then you may want to consider writing articles that are ‘worth reading’ and not just there to please the search engine spiders. Finding webmasters that run sites similar to yours, not exactly the same niche, and offering to trade them anchor text links that highlight your keywords can be highly effective.

Example: Your site is called www.pokerfreebonuses.org and you are seeking placement for the keywords ‘poker bonus’ and ‘free poker bonus’. Finding another poker site would be optimal to trade with. Let’s say there is a great freeroll site called www.freerollpokergames.biz and they are looking to trade. Ask them for a link that states “Free Poker Bonus” on their site in exchange for one on yours that states “Poker Freeroll Games.” Each link would point to your full URL. (Including the http://)

You should try and find a least one good link-back partner daily and start building your page rank and SEO visibility. This is a proven practice that still applies today.

Of course following the steps in the previous articles will help you rank well if done correctly. This is important when setting your site up from the beginning so you do not waste time and resources on content that doesn’t apply to your keyword strategy. Given time, quality linkbacks and content your website will start to rank and gain organic traffic from Google. I would not recommend the second tier and smaller search engines that allow PPC advertising as they do not convert near what you’ll need for a positive ROI. If you have some capital to spend on advertising look at other poker sites that have banners for sale and see if there is room for you to join. This is especially effective if you run an exclusive promotion or offer from a poker room not listed on that site.