The World Series of Poker (WSOP) has consistently proven itself to be the biggest and most anticipated event in the poker world — online and offline. And with the schedule for the WSOP’s 2010 edition announced a few weeks ago, many online poker sites are already preparing their satellite tournaments.

So even though it’s a land-based casino tournament, the World Series of Poker also offers a huge boost to online poker traffic. Most of the big names in Internet poker offer their own satellite tournaments to attract online players, giving some of the winners a seat at actual WSOP tables.

For example, Full Tilt Poker and Titan Poker take the WSOP very seriously, creating a whole series of promotions and specially SEO engineered web pages to cater exclusively to online poker players who crave WSOP action.

The WSOP is such a hot SEO ticket in the online poker world that searches for WSOP and the longer “World Series of Poker” keyword phrase are fairly heavy all throughout the year, even when the tournament isn’t being actively played. (Although the event does seem to cover up more of the calendar every year, so it often is being played.)

All this spells excellent opportunities for online poker affiliates looking for more ways to bring in traffic. Load a portion of your website or a separate mini-site with WSOP content, using the basic World Series of Poker SEO keywords (find them here), and, like the high rollers in the online poker game, you too can make money from the enormous popularity of the World Series of Poker.

How to do this? Maybe start a blog covering the WSOP action on a day-to-day basis (this makes the WSOP more fun to watch, too, knowing that you can write about the action to bring in even more traffic and make more money). Even better, offer links to WSOP satellite tournaments, such as those mentioned above. That’s typically what players are searching for, and it’s a great way to attract new Internet poker players.

And remember, most Poker Affiliate Programs here at PAP have special WSOP satellites.


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