Last time, we walked through the ways that an online poker affiliate marketing beginner can best use Google’s keyword generator tool to help figure out how to build a site that’ll rank in the search engines.

But what if you already have an Internet poker site, and just want to improve it without rethinking your whole strategy?

The answer is to create new content for your site, using that same keyword generator tool we discussed last time. (Find it here.) Or, even better, dig a bit deeper into the Google Analytics tool (here) to find out what specific online marketing keywords or phrases will help your site gain SEO power.

It might seem a bit one-sided to focus entirely on Google when optimizing your site, and although that’s something you certainly don’t have to do, let’s not fool ourselves here. Google holds a huge percentage of the search engine market — two thirds, actually. Yahoo and Microsoft are also used, even by millions, but if you’re going to choose one site to focus on, especially if you’re just starting out, it should of course be Google.

So if you haven’t set up a Google Analytics account for your site, you need to do so, fast. You’ll then have the ability to track numbers of visitors to your site, and how they got there, and what they did while on your site. Once you have that info, you can create more optimized content that’ll keep visitors on your poker website for longer, or build new pages that better match what they’re looking for. In short, you’ll be able to find out specifically what people who search for online poker websites want, and you’ll be able to deliver it to them.

Of course, getting the info is the easy part; it’s up to you to create the new content. But you can do so knowing that you’re taking an actual step to getting more website traffic — which means more conversions and more money, of course. Never before in the history of marketing has research been so easy to conduct, and never has the payoff been so clear. And all it takes is spending time with one simple tool.

Even if you’re not an SEO wizard, if you’re not using Google Analytics to rank higher in the search engines and score more visitors, you’re only hurting yourself.


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