prod_new-jersey_smFamed poker professional Phil Hellmuth Jr. has kicked off a new poker column over at, the online home for some of New Jersey’s biggest newspapers.

In addition to being a nice source of info for poker players to learn tips straight from one of the game’s biggest names, there may be another benefit to the column, as well. As a prominent New Jersey Senator works to overturn several gambling bans in his state and nationwide, Hellmuth’s new column could act as a valuable PR tool for the game and help to increase its popularity among voters in the Garden State. More on that story here.

Or is that wishful thinking? Hellmuth is well-liked, even with the nickname “The Brat,” but will his probably-lighthearted column be enough to win over the East coast anti-poker crowd? That remains to be seen.

Click here to check out Hellmuth’s column.