The Hits And Misses Box

I spoke about this box in a previous article when we first started looking at this review, but now that we’re going over everything with a fine tooth comb we’re going to look at all aspects of this review, and it’s time to have a look at this box again, this time in a little more detail, and we’ll also be looking to come up with some alternatives to what’s there, if needed.

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Choose your balls carefully if you want to make a strike


I do like the idea of covering hits and misses and I also think that there should always be some misses.  If you don’t put any misses in here than this will end up having things sound less credible.  It’s not so much that not putting anything here hurts our credibility as much as putting some misses in here helps it, as it shows that we’re not just pumping up the site and we’re actually interested in evaluating it for them.

So any evaluation, if it’s any good that is, will also need to include some things that aren’t perfect, to alert readers to the potential shortcomings of the thing in addition to the plusses.  So we need both plusses and minuses here and while we are going to generally end up recommending it quite strongly, we have to at least show that we have considered all elements prior to coming to this conclusion for them.

So The Misses Are Pretty Important

So even if you aren’t going to put any misses up there, which isn’t a good idea unless you really can’t think of any, then you should at least have this category up where you are saying something like: misses: none of any real significance.

I do think that we really miss out on an opportunity to influence when we do that though and it’s not really that hard to come up with some misses, at least one, and while we don’t want to overdo this by any means, providing them with too many reasons to not do it, it does serve us well generally to enumerate at least some of the misses in this section.

One of the potential problems we can run into by having a box like this is that it just allows us to list off the misses, without being able to elaborate into why this may not be a big deal, and you pretty much always want to go into at least some depth in explaining the impact of these misses, essentially looking to lessen them, or at least show that this should not really be all that much of a concern to players.

For instance we may say that the software for a given poker site doesn’t compare well to the better software programs out there, and at the same time explain that it works well enough and this should not even be much of a concern, as you may not be titillated by fantastic graphics, but this site scores well in areas that do matter, like for instance how much money you can make here versus some other sites which will more magically display your poorer account balance or such.

So in a box such as Poker Listings uses, you can’t really do this, all you can do is tell them about some misses, in their raw form, and that might end up turning people off right off the bat.  So this is one of the big reasons, the biggest in fact, why I don’t like this box in the first place.  We’re forced to choose between not putting any misses in there and hurting ourselves that way, and putting some in and risking hurting ourselves with not being able to qualify these misses properly, given that we don’t really have the space to do that.

A Better Approach

This stuff really belongs better in the body of the review, and this gives us the time and the space to deal with this properly.  We don’t really want any part of our review to appear too one sided in fact, it will be definitely pro in most cases, in the cases where we’re looking to promote the room that is and not just use it as what we could call a credibility building tool, where we are very critical of a poker room to set up some other reviews better, where we direct them to after we’re finished trashing these ones.

So we’re going to need to be doing that anyway, so is there really a need to have a hits and misses box such as this?  Well these boxes can serve a useful purpose and that is to look to entice people to read the actual review, and I don’t really think that this can be set up to do a whole lot of that, especially when we include misses, which we should if the box is called hits and misses.

I think that this is the problem though, what the box is called, and I see no need to go into misses at this level of the review, as it may accomplish the opposite of its intended affect if we do it right, that is if we actually put some misses in there, and when we don’t it looks too shady.

On the other hand I do think that it’s a good idea to throw some plusses at them here, so to fix this I suggest that we simply change the name of the box to “highlights” or something similar.  Actually I like “highlights” and we should be throwing benefits at them liberally at this level.

So in the next article we’ll do that and then look at the “highlights” that are provided here and see how well they fit the purposes of the article.


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