It may surprise you to learn that on of the fastest ways to get an Internet business, including an affiliate program opportunity, to really take off, is with the help of an opt-in email list. After all, those who have tried know how difficult it is to build up a sizeable opt-in email list these days.

The facts are that email has many issues, mainly stemming from the menace of spam email which continues to be a major problem. Because of this there are many people who do not even want to hear the phrase email marketing.

How Does One Quickly Build An Opt-In Email List For Their Internet Affiliate Program?

Creativity still works and it is still the best way to solve all those knotty problems. You can use your existing content to create really useful special reports. The way to do this is to focus on the questions that your content answers and the problems it solves. Alternatively you can easily use your special knowledge to create such a special report. Once your report is ready, offer it via email to visitors who drop in at your website. To speed up the rate at which you grow your email list, you can split the special report into two and offer the second part in return for referrals. This should set off the kind of viral effect that will enable you to grow your email opt in list at blinding speed.

Another very effective strategy is to offer your special report for sale and then give your prospects the option of giving you referrals in exchange for the special report. Naturally to be able to do this you special report will have o represent real value and have the kind of information that folks will gladly pay for. This is not difficult if you focus your content on solving nagging and pressing problems that your prospects may be facing.

Yet another brilliant idea to help you grow your email opt-in list very fast to help you effectively market your Internet affiliate program is to offer valuable new products to your existing subscribers and then give them the option of paying fro them by referring others to register as subscribers to your list. Assume that your list has about 1000 names and the information product you want to sell is worth 5 referrals, you will easily be able to double your list if just 200 people successfully deliver their 5 referrals. That is how powerful this kind of viral marketing can be in helping you to market your Internet affiliate program.