Poker affiliates are seldom creative. Most poker webmasters launch page after page of online poker reviews that read just about the same as everyone else’s poker room reviews. Then they wonder why Google doesn’t like their site, or why they can’t get a DMOZ listing, or why certain webmasters won’t link to them. (And these webmasters are invariably the webmasters they most need or want links from.)

My contention is that being creative is central to writing good poker content. So in today’s post I’m offering some tips for how to be creative, or at least for how to become more creative.

How To Become More Creative As A Poker Affiliate

1. Brainstorm. Brainstorming is a process where you generate as many ideas as you possibly can in a limited timeframe. You pay no attention to the quality of the ideas until AFTER the brainstorming session. It’s similar to writing a crappy first draft of an article. You’re in motion, and you can make revisions and refinements later.

2. Write poems. Maybe you’ve never written a poem. Or maybe you wrote a sonnet as a high school project. Maybe you write poems regularly. If you fall into that last category, then you probably know that working within a tight structural boundary makes you MORE creative, not less. You have to be creative to come up with a coherent and beautiful poem in 14 lines with a specific rhyming scheme, divided into four quatrains and a closing couplet. But if that’s too hard, try writing a haiku about poker.

3. Combine disparate things. This is the essence of creativity. Understanding the similarities and differences between radically different subjects is the very essence of creativity. It can also be pretty easy.

This article, 10 NFL Players We’d Like To Date, is a great example of an article combining two disparate subjects into a single, interesting, new piece of content.

4. Imitate. Look at what other creative people are doing in other industries, then look at doing something similar in the poker industry. You can take the piece of content I linked to in #3 above and apply it to poker and write an article called “10 Poker Players We’d Like To Date”. You could write it from a male perspective and/or a female perspective.

Or look at what Seth Gordon has done by creating Squidoo. Do you think you could create a poker-specific site with the same business model as Squidoo? Sure you can.

You might think this is the antithesis of being creative, but it’s not. You will inevitably have ideas of how you would like your poker-specific version of Squidoo to be different. That’s where your creativity comes into play.

5. Do something. Anything. Action begets creativity. Write an article, even if it’s terrible. Draw a picture. Create a new website with no subject or niche, and see what happens.

Ignore those people who tell you that you need a “niche” website. Go create a website about “nothing”, and see what kind of creative juices that gets flowing.