I think everyone knows what longtail search terms are, but in case you don’t, you can learn more about such things here:

If you don’t know what longtail means, and you don’t want to read the articles at those three links, the simple explanation is that the long tail of search is comprised of all the small long phrases that get few hits but still make up a large percentage of the visitors to your site. For example, I have a site that received 21852 visitors from search over the last 30 days. My #1 phrase contribute 10% of those visitors. My top 10 phrases made up about 30% of the traffic I received. But all total, my site was found for 5260 different keyword phrases. And only 1100 of those phrase sent more than 1 visitor. I have 4150 phrases that sent one, and only one, visitor to my site. But that’s 20% of my traffic.

So that makes it clear that significant amounts of traffic are available for longtail search terms. You just have to figure out how to optimize your site for longtail poker traffic. I’m going to explain how in the next paragraph.

How to get longtail poker traffic. Build a large content website.

My site that got so many longtail visitors has 189 pages indexed in Google. If I had 380 pages indexed in Google, I’d get even more longtail traffic, just by virtue of having more words on more pages. The trick is to make sure that the pages you add to your site include lots of different words. If you use all of the same words to describe all of the same topics on every page of your site, then you limit the number of longtail expressions you could rank for.

For example, I got found for the phrase “council bluffs casinos $3 blackjack”. I also got found for “las vegas used decks playing cards get cashier”. I’ve got a list of 4000 more phrases besides that, but the reason I got found for those is because I have so many pages live with so many different words on each page. Boilerplate content with keyword insertion will work toward getting more visitors, sometimes, but it won’t provide the kind of depth that having unique pages will.

And a website with 189 pages isn’t generally considered a “large website” really. Google used an example of a “small website” in their recent SEO guide, and the “small website” they discussed had 250 pages. So if you really want to get longtail poker traffic, build a 1000 page poker site. And pour some effort into getting a wide variety of words used on each page.

Getting longtail poker traffic is really just that simple.