In today’s post I’m going to reveal a simple, two-step plan for making $1 million in 12 months as a poker affiliate. Other plans exist; this is just one example:

  1. Find a poker affiliate program (or several poker affiliate programs) who will pay you a $200 CPA.
  2. Send them 5000 qualifying players.

Finding a poker affiliate program who will pay you a $200 CPA.

You may or may not be able to get a $200 CPAÂ if you’re a complete beginner or newbie. That’s okay. Start with whatever CPA you can get, $65, $75, $100, whatever. You can command a higher CPA when you’re sending over more depositing players. In fact, don’t limit yourself to a $200 CPA. When you’re sending enough volume, you can get $250, $300, even $400 CPA’s. You just have to send enough players to warrant that high a CPA.

Feel free to work with multiple programs. It doesn’t matter where you send the players (for purposes of this plan) just so long as you get a decent CPA.

Sending 5000 qualifying players.

The number 5000 is based on a $200 CPA, but if you can negotiate an average CPA of $250, you only need 4000 qualifying players. If you have the pull to negotiate a $400 CPA, you only need 2500 players.

Notice the importance of being able to negotiate a decent commission for yourself.

The next question is how to send 5000 qualifying players.

Let’s assume that if you’re reading this, you already have a poker site. That site has 10 pages and 10 backlinks pointing at it, and you sign up 10 qualifying players a month right now.

To sign up 5000 players in a year, you’re going to need ~416 signups per month.

Right now you’re signing up 1 player per page and 1 player per backlink per month. So in order to get 416 signups per month, launch another 410 pages to your site, and get another 410 backlinks.

Your numbers will differ. You might have a 20 page site with 10 backlinks and get 5 players per month. Plug in the numbers, do the math, and you too can make $1 million in a year as a poker affiliate.

The point I’m trying to make with this million dollar poker affiliate plan

The point is that you should measure aspects of your business, and some of the most important aspects to measure include:

  • How much money you make per player
  • How much money you make for every page of content you launch
  • How much money you make for every link you build to your content

Those metrics will vary for everyone, but if you’re measuring them and increasing these metrics, then you can set revenue goals like “$1 million in a year” and create a reasonable plan for achieving those goals.

Your earnings are a function of how many pages you have and how many links you have. Want to make more money? Write more pages of content and get more backlinks.

Another approach would be to improve your onpage SEO so that each page you launch and each link you get generates more traffic and signups than it would have if your onpage SEO sucked.