It certainly shouldn’t be news to anybody that one of the biggest challenges that any affiliate webmaster is bound to face is how to constantly attract high quality traffic to their website. We all know that no traffic means no prospects and no clients and therefore nil revenue. That is the harsh reality. Part of this harsh reality is that there are millions of sites out there all competing for some attention.

Fortunately there are many ways to attract attention and traffic on the web which mostly hinge on how creative a webmaster can dare to be.

For example there is a way that you can cleverly use the breaking news in your industry to attract tons of traffic to your affiliate website. Let us first define what we mean by breaking news. Every industry and every niche on the World Wide Web has things happening all the time. Fresh new articles are being generated about it every other minute. New technological developments that impact the industry are being made regularly. Not to mention new products and gadgets being churned out all the time. It is virtually impossible for most people to keep up with these developments and that is where you can help and in return receive more traffic than you will be capable of handling.

Getting this information is easier than you may think because there are several things you can do to ensure that you always have the information at your finger tips. You can use your favorite search engine to look for sites that regularly produce industry news related to the field covered by your affiliate website.

Then you can also use the Google email alert service. The way this service works is that you enter a keyword phrase (it is important to be as specific as possible so that you get quality results). You will then receive an alert every time anything gets indexed by Google that is related to your keywords. This ensures that you will never miss anything, because everything will always end up in your email inbox.

There is yet another very useful service that you can use to get all the news you need for your affiliate web site industry. This is the Google blog search tool. By using your most important keywords you will be able to view all the posts starting with the very latest that have been made in blogs concerning the subject.

Using all this information, you an specialize on posting this breaking news at the blog you are using to generate traffic to be redirected to your affiliate website. Done properly, you will quickly attract a lot of highly targeted traffic and what’s more many of them will want to discuss the same topics in their blogs and will therefore quickly link to your breaking news.

Within no time, you will have tons of targeted traffic as a result of your news service that will help turn your affiliate website into a cash machine.