Well it’s not really news that FutureBet has received their share of bad press from affiliates and players alike. I have seen operators come and go in this business but FB licensees really seem to have a high turn-over rate. I personally have a hard time saying no to people who want to give me money, but seriously there should be some sort of competency established before someone is granted a white label. Funny how it’s called a ‘while label solution’ instead of a product; is that just a way of clarifying that there is a problem to begin with?


We all know Bryan Bailey loves these guys and because of him I am sure many an operator has scratched their heads when trying to recruit new affiliates. However in a recent attempt to revamp their image the names have changed to protect the innocent. (debatable)

The old Futurebet site is pretty much defunct now and most prospective iGaming entrepreneurs are being sent to iGaming Software Inc. This is fine with me, just don’t hide it from the affiliates who push your brands. There is a nice post here on StartCasino about this very issue.

Accepting US players is pretty cool from a poker perspective and rolling on after Full Contact Poker decided to bail was worth some praise. However only time will tell if the program will succeed. As far as I know here are the names and companies using the Futurebet moniker. Why does a poker room go live when this is one of their pages?
Futurebet / iGaming Software / Digital Gaming Network / Dobrosoft / Wingows Poker Network

Edit: Oddsmaker.com Affiliate Program is being run by CanAffco.com and they do a nice job making this work for their players and affiliates. I am confident they can help you make money promoting a DGN poker room.
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