Listen up, online poker affiliates. The experts agree: It’s all about content.

Okay, so maybe content is just one factor among many. But it tends to be the most important factor. After all, you can have the best search engine optimization (SEO) in the world, but if your content stinks, people will stop clicking on your site. (Which, in turn, will actually kill your SEO.)

You have to give poker players have to have a reason to come back to your site. Whether it’s by writing a good poker blog, or creating a series of educational articles, or just telling entertaining stories about your experience as a poker player or affiliate, you need good content to bring in the traffic (and thus fuel your online poker affiliate marketing revenue).

In his online poker SEO blog,, SEO guru Randy Ray ranks developing a content-rich strategy as the 2nd most important factor in building a successful poker affiliate site.

“Having lots of pages of good content is the best SEO strategy you can have for 3 reasons,” Randy writes. Those three reasons are:

  • Every page ups your search engine power by providing additional keyword phrases “to rank you for and send traffic from”;
  • Every page of “good quality” content is more likely to be linked to by other bloggers and webmasters, further increasing your SEO value; and
  • All of these pages on your online poker site also link to your other pages. That counts, too.

Randy recommends building at least 100 high-quality pages in your online poker site — and then building more.

So what if you’re not the greatest writer in the world, and aren’t able to write that much? There are lots of resources out there for finding content writers — the PAP Marketplace, for example.


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