Some poker rooms are download-only. Some allow players to play directly on the site. So, what do players prefer? What do they search for? Will offering affiliate programs for one type over the other help you get more traffic?

Although it seems that most online poker players have no problem downloading poker room software, some players prefer not to download it — and actively search for “no download” software. This could be for a number of reasons — maybe they have slow connections’ maybe they’re playing on someone else’s computer (or, heaven forbid, a work computer) and they don’t want to (or can’t) install third-party software. Perhaps also they’re overly paranoid about viruses — an attitude that’s not uncommon today.

So, although download poker games are definitely the dominant trend (because they allow a fuller experience for the player, and let a company show off all its bells and whistles), it’s not a bad idea to offer a “no download” option to players, as well. Most of the major online poker sites still offer a no download option, including Titan Poker, Full Tilt Poker and PartyPoker. (Check out this pretty excellent list from

When building out your SEO or online poker content strategy, then, you may want to consider offering an article, or even a special section of your site (or possibly a devoted mini-site) to either strictly download poker games or no download poker games. You  may even want to build out content offering information on what’s better, perhaps explaining that downloading poker software is relatively risk-free.

This way, you’re likely to score traffic from players searching specifically for one or the other (download or no download) while also providing more variety to your visitors. It’s a win-win for you and your mission to build out a fuller, friendlier online poker affiliate marketing plan.


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