I am starting to think that people associate Web 2.0 with a couple things. First off it seems like all the cool new widgets and design specs are orange. Possibly I just read too many RSS feeds and look at my Oklahoma State website too much. However, I really do think that webmasters are tending to favor orange and (light) blue as the colors of choice. I don’t have any real ‘evidence’ of this and I wouldn’t necessarily suggest poker sites go in this direction; but it does say something for ‘call to action.’ Watch to see how some of the authority bloggers in your niche are presenting content and banners because there might be a pattern appearing to form.

Small buttons have also replaced those annoying big buttons and flashy navigation bars. A prime example of this is the beautifully designed A4U website. Honestly, look at how the best performing poker portal present their programs in an organized list with small little buttons and text. Some good examples of this are: PSO, EveryPoker, TightPoker, and Poker News. I think this new style really does work.

Surf the web a little this afternoon after searching for some really broad keywords and see what you find to confirm/deny this theory.

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