Link Exchange Etiquette For Poker AffiliatesAs a new affiliate it seems you can get bombarded with two pieces of advice when you’re starting out. 1. Generate lots of keyword rich content. 2. Get lots of quality back links to your new poker site.

Well, number one is easy enough. You can sit down for eight hours each day and pump out quality poker content left and right. The second part of the equation, getting quality back links can be a little more difficult. I don’t want to go into a huge post here about link building in general, as that could go on forever. Instead I want to discuss the proper etiquette. I made a post in the poker affiliate forums today about how NOT to ask for a link exchange.

For starters, don’t spam a bunch of webmasters. You’ll be wasting your time, and anyone that responds to you probably is not representing a quality site or good link anyways. Here is a great article on doing link exchanges. Thanks Kaus for pointing that out today.

More specific to being a poker affiliate, I will tell you what has worked for me in the past. I spend a lot of time in the forums and have made many friends there. Instead of spamming 100 random poker webmasters, I will PM 20 of my friends and ask for an exchange where we can both benefit each other. And I know upfront that these webmasters will be able to exchange QUALITY links with me. Using this method I think my failure rate for link exchanges is less than 10%.

I realize there may be pages you want links on where these webmasters are not members at PAP. For these webmasters, even though you may not know them, MAKE THE EMAIL PERSONAL. If it even looks like a form email, it will go straight to the deleted items folder. You will be amazed though if you develop friendships in the forums how truly easy it is to do link exchanges.