Some Thoughts On Custom Landing Pages

While most affiliates do not bother with their own landing pages, for various reasons, if you are a big enough affiliate you can either construct your own with the permission of the poker sites that you are constructing them for, or they may even offer to build some for you, to your specifications, within reason of course.

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We need to take them to a better place if they land at our airport

Technically, the poker site has to approve your landing pages, although that’s true of your site as well, since you are promoting them and using their trademarks they want to make sure that your pages are appropriate.

For instance if your content is inappropriate then poker rooms may not want you promoting them on it, which is understandable, and sometimes they do visit your site and have a look around prior to agreeing to allowing you to promote them.

If you get them to construct your landing page though then they may want to have a lot of creative control and this may not be in your best interests, if your skill and flair exceeds theirs, and in spite of their being able to hire some good people, it’s not that hard to improve on their work if you have at least a good amount of talent anyway.

They are going to be playing a significant role in the process at some point, you can’t control things at all beyond the landing page itself, but this does give us the opportunity to control more of it, to provide some extra selling perhaps or some extra motivation, and therefore it’s worth considering using it.

Let’s Look At How This Can Play Out

So I want to take some time away from looking at our example review of Poker Listings’ 888 Poker Review to talk about a landing page of theirs, and it only makes sense to look at the corresponding landing page for that review.  I also want to talk about landing pages in general and what we may accomplish by using these, in other words what their potential may be.

Let’s actually start by talking a little about this potential in more general terms before we move on to our specific example.  We do need a framework for how we are going to judge these, and what we in particular want to look at is to what extent does our landing page enhance, or even detract, from the real McCoy.

Given that the choice is between just using the poker site’s own landing page and ours, if we’re going to go to all this trouble then we at least want to be adding something positive to the process and we certainly don’t want an inferior page, even though it may look pretty snazzy by having our site name displayed on it.
It is typical by the way for a custom landing page to display the affiliate’s site name on it, usually pretty prominently, and this is thought to add some prestige to it.  I’m not sure it always does and this should not be something we choose to do simply because it looks cool.

What Type of Association Do We Want Here?

If we take a quick glance at Poker Listings’ landing page, we will see that sure enough, Poker Listings is listed on the landing page, quite prominently.

The first thing we need to ask is why?  With this particular example, and as I said this will differ depending on the type of landing page we go with, I think it’s a bad idea to put Poker Listings’ name on the page, at least in the way this is done, and here’s why.

On the positive side, it does add some prestige to Poker Listings, and this probably matters to players a little anyway, although we don’t want to overdo this either.  So this is a big site for sure if 888 Poker is putting their name right on the home page, or what is presumably the home page anyway.

We know it isn’t but that’s because we are affiliates and know how these things work, but your average player is not so in the know for sure.  So let’s look at what this could mean, having the affiliate’s name right on the home page?

I think that this may impact the level of trust at least somewhat.  At the very least these two sites seem to be in cahoots here, and maybe 888 Poker owns Poker Listings or the other way around, who knows?

So this can impact credibility at least somewhat, and credibility is something that we don’t want to ever impact negatively, and in fact we want to go all out to create enough to make sure that it is not questioned and that we can be trusted for our advice.

So you can imagine the people at Poker Listings first seeing this page, and then all saying wow this looks cool, but I don’t think that they thought this part through enough.  I remember when I got my first custom landing page years ago, and I was fairly new as an affiliate and was impressed from the coolness of it all and how this seemed to make my affiliate site more prestigious.

I thought about this for a bit though, this was just a first draft they gave me, and I ended up having them revise this part to “welcome, friends of (my site).”  I used that theme for the page actually and the idea was that this was a special page they put together especially for my friends and my readers were now among this group where they will indeed be taken care of well.

So if you’re going to do that you need to promote this in the review as well, for instance I would say when you click on our link you will be sent to a special home page they put together just for you and my other friends, and then when they get there they will see that this is in fact the case.  So this is a better use of the thing I would say.

I’ll continue with this discussion in the next article.


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