I’ve been working part time on one of my gambling projects for the last 3 months, and I’m willing to share some of my visitor stats here. (I’m not going to share the actual site name, but it’s not a poker site.) We’ve added 66 pages of content to the site in the last 3 months. We’ve done no link building work on the site, besides adding the content. And here are our visitor stats:

Nov 16 – Dec 16 – 2594 visits, 2172 from search, 1386 keyword phrases, 2.06 pages per visit
Oct 16 – Nov 16 – 3148 visits, 1900 from search, 1040 keyword phrases, 1.86 pages per visit
Sep 16 – Oct 16 – 2405 visits, 2043 from search, for 840 keyword phrases, 1.63 pages per visit

You’ll notice that we haven’t seen a huge increase in search-based traffic, but some of that’s because for part of the months of September and October, we were ranking for a pretty top level term in the gambling industry. (Think along the lines of “poker” or “online poker”.) But that single term was cycling in and out of being #5 and being #70 or so. On the days we were #5, we saw a lot more traffic. We also got a bunch of extra traffic during that 2nd period from a Stumble Upon notice.

What’s more interesting to me is the number of keyword phrases we’ve been found for. That’s about a 60% increase, so I’m pretty pleased with that. I never feel like I can rely on a single keyword phrase to send me lots of traffic on a consistent basis, but if I have a lot of keyword phrases doing well, I feel like my traffic is pretty defensible. I like to think of it as “keyword phrase diversification”.

What’s also interesting to me is the increase in pageviews per visit. Moving from 1.63 pageviews per visitor to 2.06 pageviews per visitor is a really solid increase. We had a discussion not long ago in the forum about bounce rates, but I think number of pageviews per visitor is a better metric for seeing how well I’m engaging my visitors. I’d like to see my number of pageviews per visitor increase to more like 3 or 4, so I’ll continue to work on that for this site. I think having additional content prominently promoted on pages helps with increasing number of pageviews per visitor.

Pageviews per visitor is important from an advertising standpoint too. Lots of online advertising campaigns look at impressions, and there’s a reason for that. More impressions = a greater likelihood of an ad getting clicked on. Conversions start with clickthrough’s. In my mind, doubling pageviews per visitor from 2 to 4 is as good as doubling the total amount of traffic to my site, because I’m doubling the number of opportunities someone can click through to my ads.

This project has been a training exercise for one of my webmaster/SEO intern types. I didn’t do any of the work on the site myself.