Let’s Get Clearer On What We’re Trying To Do Here

In the last segment we had a peek at Poker Listings’ custom landing page for 888 Poker, and spoke a bit about how you want to be careful with giving the impression of the association between our affiliate site and the poker site itself.

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Make sure you’re showing them something better than the standard fare

We do want to be careful to maintain a certain distance between them, as it is very important to preserve our sense of independence here, we don’t want to interfere with this by creating a sense of bias.  While it is true that the affiliate link has been established, our cookie is on board in other words, at the same time we don’t want them to have second thoughts as far as what our motive may have been in directing them here.

So in other words we don’t want them to think that, once again, we are in cahoots with this poker room, even though in a real sense we are, given that we are getting paid to refer them.  We are only recommending them based upon merit, or at least that’s the impression we want to give our readers.

So you do have to be careful with things like having our name unqualifiedly displayed on the home page, the landing page, and this is why I suggested that if we do that we frame it as a special landing page for us, for instance with the “welcome friends of (or affiliate site).”

This takes a potentially problematic situation and turns it around in our favor, where we can capture the prestige that we’re looking to create with this without having them question our motives, and in fact take this to the next level, where we can tell them in our review that they will get special regard by going through our links, and then have this special regard being mentioned, presumably by the poker room themselves on their special home page that they have created for our friends.

It’s Really About The Content Though

While I do feel that this is an important feature of a custom landing page, and I would generally always look to take advantage of it, I don’t think it’s the most important part by any means, at least potentially.

Now this next part will come down to how much skill you have, but I’m pretty comfortable in looking to improve any poker room’s home page, and while it does pay to be talented in this area, it isn’t just a matter of that.

We do have at least some talent as affiliates and as creators of poker content, and to be honest, while many home pages of poker sites are pretty well done, it’s not that they cannot be fairly easily improved upon, especially given that we are doing so to suit a particular type of audience, ours.

This does provide us with a real advantage here, as poker room home pages need to be pretty generally focused, appealing to the widest audience possible, where with our custom landing pages we only need to be concerned with our particular audience.

There’s also the matter of our perhaps being able to create a better home page than they can anyway, which may seem to be a little far out given that these poker sites can hire the best people out there, but the people they hire may not have the intimate knowledge of the market that we do.

So don’t sell yourself short here and look to make whatever improvements you can over the home page that exists now, as long as they are indeed improvements, which generally can be determined simply by looking at them, although you can test the conversion rates of each as desired and required.  If your conversion with your own page is less, then you obviously are making mistakes with it.

Poker Listings’ Approach To This

Presumably, Poker Listings can hire the best talent out there, a lot better talent than we can as smaller affiliates, but when you look at what this site produces as you read my articles on their review you will see that this can indeed be easily improved upon, and you don’t need any outrageous skills to do so, as we’re doing that right off the cuff without having to think on this very much at all.

With this particular landing page, it looks like the only real thing that the Poker Listings staff has done is to cut a bunch of stuff out of the original home page.  I invite you to open up both in separate browsers and then look at the two in comparison.

I do want to be fair to them though and will say that they have certainly streamlined things.  This is as uncluttered as you could get here, there’s the guy, there’s the download box, nothing else to look at really.

You could say that this audience is pre sold enough not to require any more selling though, so a page like this could suit their purposes a lot better than, say, someone coming from a search engine who may not be that familiar with the site.  In that sense, the regular home page is too spartan actually, they don’t realize properly that they are starting from square one with a lot of these people and are assuming that they are more sold on the idea than they actually are.

Is Poker Listings’ page too spartan as well for their purposes?  I would say so, you can oversell things for sure but I think they could do more here.  I’ll discuss how we could change this around in the next article.


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