Did you know that your humble web stats are a gold mine capable of helping you make money from your online business so fast that it will make you dizzy? Yet many web sites don’t even have a way of tracking their visitors and then those who do, hardly look at their stats on a regular basis, let alone use them as the marketing weapon that they are.

You have heard bean counters or accountants say that numbers tell a story. This is especially true about your web site stats. They tell you how each and every visitor found you and which article on your site is the most popular and what kind of information they were looking for that you did not quite have yet. There is a lot a smart webmaster can do with just that preliminary information that will dramatically boost their site traffic and help them make money fast.

What Do You Do With Your Most Popular Online Pages To make Money Fast?

There is plenty that you can do with information from your stats on your most popular pages. To start with you create more articles providing even more information around the same theme that seems to be so popular on your site. You can think link to your brand new content from your popular page. The immediate effect of this will be that your prospects will spend more time on your site. Research has repeatedly shown that the longer your visitors stay at your site without leaving too fast, the more money you will make online from your site. What that means is that this simple idea can dramatically increase
your web profits.

Secondly you can use the same popular information to create a special report which you can then make available via email. This is the fastest method of creating an opt-in email list which can end up being both a marketing tool and a separate stand alone profit centre.

What About The Keyword Phrases Your Stats Tell You Your Visitors Used To Fined You?

Your stats will also show you exactly how your visitors found you. If you are the typical website then most will have found their way via a search engine where they used a keyword phrase. Take careful note of these keywords and then find all the possible synonyms and words that mean the same thing and create content around it so that you completely dominate that particular keyword phrase online so that making money from site fast will be a breeze with all the targeted traffic you will be getting.

But even more crucial, you should pay attention to the keyword phrases used to find your site where you are thin on information. You should then make the effort to fill in the gaps so that you dominate those keywords as well as ensuring that the next lot of hits that use those keywords to find your site will not be disappointed.

The less you disappoint your niche the faster you will make money online.