Be Careful When You Look To Embellish

If I were looking to teach people about how we can go too far with embellishing ad copy, 888 Poker’s “original and best” attempt is actually the best example I’ve ever seen as far as going too far with this.

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Make your highlights as appealing as you can


It’s too bad that it’s not just as simple as telling people that a poker site is the best, but if you or I as reviewers just told them that, then this would probably at least carry some weight, as we could at least be suspected of being impartial here, and therefore there might be something behind this statement.

That’s just not the case when the poker room themselves tells you that they are the best, it’s not only meaningless but does convey a sort of boasting that may turn people off.  It’s not that a poker site isn’t allowed to boast, and they are expect to boast, but this boasting must be based upon facts, or they at least need to try to substantiate it.

So I don’t have a problem with something like their telling you “we feel we are the best poker room out there, and here’s why we feel we are, and here’s why other people feel we are as well.”

Even if we leave out the other people, which would always be a mistake by the way as we’re looking to convey evidence to support this claim, and evidence of similar feelings by others is always going to lend further support to the claim, we at least have to provide some evidence here to back this up.

888 Poker doesn’t really bother with this, and we may even wonder whether they are looking to appeal to adults or children, although even children have a tendency to not just accept things that they are told all of the time and will often ask why.

Looking At Some Real Reasons

888 Poker is indeed one of the oldest poker rooms on the internet, and that does count for something to be sure, and is worth mentioning.  It’s also one of the most popular, and the second most popular poker room on the internet actually, and has always had a strong following, in other words pretty well liked, even when it was quite a bit smaller than it is now.

So there’s quite a bit to work with here, and we do want to accentuate these benefits, although these two factors aren’t as important as some other ones are.  Handled the right way though, we can have a pretty good impact with this information, we would look to do that for instance in our reviews, we’ve got a limited amount of space to work with here and have to hit them hard and quick with it but we can certainly do a better job then just telling people we are the “original and best,”, which is pretty terrible actually.

It’s true that Cassava and their casino has been around since 1997, we could tell people that the poker room has been around that long, and lie about it, or we could tell them the truth and put the year at 2002, but these dates are too trivial to be even included here, we can’t allow ourselves to get too bogged down with the nitty gritty stuff in such a short space anyway, or at least we should not.

We can accomplish the same thing though, in other words send the same message, by not having to be so specific, and it’s not likely anyone is going to play here by needing to know the exact year that the poker room came into existence anyway.

Looking For A Better Way To Put All This

There’s a lot of work to do in order to convey original, or in truth long standing, and best, or in truth an excellent choice.

So we can replace original, and we really have to since it isn’t even true, they didn’t even come on the scene until 4 years after online poker started, at a time where Party Poker was already in fact really taking off, having gotten a year’s head start on them.

So what we are after here is something to convey the long standing experience of this poker site, which does indeed count for something.  I’m pretty sure that the poker site hasn’t gotten 10 million registrants over their history, and a lot of those are probably signups at their casino, which is a bigger part of their business than the poker room is, and is actually pretty massive, the world’s largest online casino for a very long time.

I think that we can still use the term “millions” though pretty comfortably, people don’t have to know that it may not be millions in actual fact, in other words 2 million or more, or that many of these players may have registered for an account but never did deposit and therefore play real money here, and that most of these folks may be long gone today.

That would be nit picking in my mind and we don’t need the sort of accuracy that the world or journalism or academia would strive for, this is ad copy after all, we just have to keep things realistic, although we still have to keep it in the ballpark so to speak.

So something like millions of poker players have enjoyed our top rated poker room over many years would fit the bill more nicely I’d say.  This encompasses both elements actually, both the original and best part, while still retaining the modesty and credibility that is essential to persuasion.


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