If You Want To Appeal, You Must Appeal

Getting back to our analysis of 888 Poker’s home page, we’ve been looking at what they are doing as far as providing us reasons why we should want to play here.  Bonuses are nice, but everyone offers them, and we never just want to look to rely on that, and the more enticing we can make our offer here, the better we can make the poker room look, the more likely people are going to want to try it out and collect that bonus that we’ve focused on so much.

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Appealing works when we’re trying to appeal

So I really don’t like the overly intensive focus on the bonus and the goodies that 888 Poker relies on with their home page, and would like to see these other reasons displayed more prominently than just in small text at the bottom of the page, much like we’d display the fine print of a deal, stuff that we need to put on there for legal reasons perhaps.

So these disclaimers can cover our butt so to speak but we surely are not looking to just cover our butt when it comes to what really amounts to the most important stuff on the page actually.  So this is what 888 Poker does and it’s not something we want to emulate on our own custom landing pages that’s for sure.

What They Are Offering Here

We’ve already spoken about the first line in this presentation, where they claim to be the “original and best,” in spite of their not being the original, and whether they are the best or not is open for debate at this point, and people will expect them to do more to show this than just proclaim it, and proclaiming it this way may actually be seen as a turn off, and perhaps even less than genuine and trustworthy.

It’s fine to say people think we’re the best, but as far as our thinking it, well of course we’re going to want to say that, regardless of whether it’s true or not.  You also don’t want to paint yourself in a corner too much here either, people may want to try us out even though it may be less certain that we’re the best, and if we set them out on a quest to look around the internet to see which site may be the best, well that’s definitely not something we want to do, especially as an affiliate where their journey will almost always end with their signing up somewhere through someone else’s affiliateship.

So this is a case where the bar is being set higher than it needs to be here, we don’t need to convince them we’re the best to get them to have a look around, and we may want to say well a lot of people do so and end up considering us the best, but we’ll give you that opportunity to decide for yourself, it’s well worth the effort to do so if you care about learning about the best poker rooms, and just about everyone else feels we are at least among the best, if not the very best period.

Do you see the difference here in these two approaches?  Which one do you feel makes you want to try out our site more?  Now the second version is indeed pretty wordy and we’re not going to have the room to make this sort of presentation on our home page, in this form it’s more suited to reviews or other pages on the poker site, but we can condense this here and still look to have a similar effect.

So even something like, find out for yourself if we’re really the best, would be preferable to just saying we’re the best.  This does add more intrigue and is more engaging as well.

Once again though we don’t have to be the best, and I’m not even sure what “the best” means here exactly anyway, it’s better to tell them why we’re so good though, and that’s what this section of the page needs to be doing actually.

How Many People Does It Take For Trust?

I also want to speak a little more about the claim that since they have over 10 million registered users, they are a name you can trust.  Now this doesn’t follow at all of course and it’s even wacky to use an argument like this, especially with registered users.

Just because they have this many registered users, this doesn’t speak at all to how trustworthy they are, not even a bit.  I can’t even think of what unstated premises that would be needed to make this argument work.

People don’t critically analyze statements like this in the way that we are now doing, but even so, statements that don’t really make sense aren’t what we are after here, as it is bound to affect the impact and meaning even in the most uncritical of readers.

This is all very poorly written I might add and I hate to say it but is the work of a real amateur, and with 888’s budget, they can no doubt afford to hire the best talent so this looks strange indeed.  I’m not mentioning this to be critical of them by the way, only to point out that we don’t want to just assume that since someone hired by 888 wrote something, it doesn’t mean that it’s beyond our improving on it with our own custom landing pages of our own hand, and that part should be pretty clear at this point anyway.

I much rather prefer “trusted by millions of online poker players around the world” to what they have by the way, this gets what we want to get across while still making sense and also sounding quite plausible, and both of these elements are very necessary.


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