Getting Them Comfortable Is Key

You’re at a poker site home page, such as the one that we’re looking at from 888 Poker, or perhaps one that we’ve designed or modified ourselves.  Someone has read our review, they’ve been interested enough to come to our site in the first place, then to read the review or at least read enough that their interest has been stimulated enough to click through to the poker room, and they are now here.

poker comfort

Paint as comfortable a setting as you can here

For the most part anyway, we’ve already made our pitch, and they certainly are much closer to doing the deed then they were when they were back at our site, we’ve gotten the all important click through to the poker room, what we’ve worked so hard to obtain back at our site.

So our traffic is certainly different from the non affiliate traffic the poker site generally gets, where our people are certainly going to be a lot more pre sold so to speak than people just wandering in from search engines or wherever.

So in the case of our people, what’s going to be most important here is to have them be comfortable with all of the things that we’ve told them, and feel that what we’ve said about the poker site is true enough for them to actually do it and try it out.

Now this is something that is going to affect things quite subtly at times, but it does pay to keep this in mind when we are either evaluating the merits of the fit between our site and what we’ve told them with the poker home page we’re considering sending them to, or when we’re looking to create and implement changes that would better align the two.

This Is Pretty Critical Actually

When we mess this up, we will be messing up, for sure.  Both our integrity and the integrity of the poker room is on the line here.  We are an independent voice, or at least we want to appear to be anyway, and it’s very important that we are seen as having spoken the truth, and any doubt that is created here is going to really negatively impact the willingness of people to listen to us and convert for us.

This often is a matter of some real subtleties, however it can be pretty blatant as well.  For instance the issue of their not even mentioning the regular welcome bonus on their home page, anywhere, and if someone went off to hunt for it to find it anywhere on the site, let alone on the home page, they would be in for quite a difficult task as it turns out.

So I was told there would be a deposit bonus, I don’t see it here, what the hell, was I lied to?  Well it sure seems that way.  Perhaps this isn’t the only thing that I was told by this referrer site that wasn’t true.  I came for the deposit bonus actually and since it’s not there I don’t even want to try this out, and even if it did turn out to exist, well this has really turned me off.

We can never let something like this happen actually, it will kill us.  Sure, some people will convert anyway, but this will tend to be the low value players, the ones that the free $88 appear to be irresistible to, and they will often just get their free couple of bucks, quickly play that out, feel cheated, and never come back to either this poker site, or ours.

This is not a recipe for success to be sure, and this alone makes doing a custom landing page for this poker room absolutely mandatory, if they didn’t allow it I simply would not waste my time promoting them as I’d never want to send people from my review to this place.

Yes, It’s All True

So first and foremost we want to ensure that what we have told them matches up with what they see when they get here.  If we do the page ourselves then this should happen rather automatically we would think, but you still need to pay close attention to achieving this fit regardless.  When we use their page, well we have to be particularly diligent here.

So the actual page should function as both confirming the main benefits that we have provided to them on why they should play here or at least try them out, and at the same time we need to use the home page as a review.  I wouldn’t even save anything for the home page, the more our review matches up with this, the more credibility we will have, so I don’t even want any pleasant surprises and will look to keep my reviews up to date enough to make sure this is avoided as much as possible.

As a side note though, to give you an update, they finally are mentioning the deposit bonus in the fine print, but the point here is that for quite a long time they didn’t, so we can’t just assume that what’s there is good enough, we have to go over it all pretty closely actually to decide that.

They’ve also added some new content to this fine print area which we’ll be looking at soon, and at least they are making a better attempt to sell themselves in the past, although once again I hate to see all of this info entirely confined to a low visibility portion of the page.

So to sum up, while selling them on the home page, or to have the poker room sell themselves, is very important indeed, it must be done in the context of our looking to get our prospects as comfortable as we can, although this is going to involve more than just matching up our site with theirs, this needs to drive the content on the home page as well, which we’ll talk more about next time.


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