Much like my last entry exploring the value in offering both download and no download internet poker rooms — and offering explanations to players on the pros and cons of both — the same strategy can be used when it comes to marketing deposit and no deposit online poker rooms.

It may seem strange, but poker rooms do sometimes let players play without a deposit, usually in the form of a “no deposit bonus”. Some online poker rooms and casinos (of varying legitimacy) try to attract players by letting them start playing with a bonus, so they don’t have to deposit money until they’ve taken a crack at the room. (However, much more common is giving players a bonus for their first deposit, as Full Tilt Poker does here.)

So it’s no surprise that some online poker players actually expect to be able to play — and to win any actually money — without depositing. These players may be novices (after all, who expects to win any money without depositing any?) or they may be people who hop from room to room just playing no deposit bonuses. (That’s not a real good sign, as the no deposit bonus can usually be used once, as you can see in this article’s description of how to use Full Tilt Poker’s no deposit bonus.)

Again, this tends to not attract the more seasoned players (which are really want you want). But, then again, marketing for this increasingly popular term can help build traffic and move your URL up the search engine.

That’s because “no deposit” poker remains a fairly strong term in online poker SEO. Players out there, presumably those unfamiliar with the mechanics and/or rules of online poker, are looking for ways to play without depositing money. So even if you’re not providing that, writing an article on the subject (maybe explaining why you don’t recommend the whole “no deposit” philosophy) and then marketing the article under the “no deposit” keyword, could help you build Internet poker player traffic.

(And remember, “Bonus” is certainly a word that shows up in a lot of searches along with “deposit”. So, if you’re marketing according to these terms, plan your content accordingly.)


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