“Bonus” and “bonuses” are online poker SEO keywords that are huge with Internet poker players. That makes sense: Players, novice and pro alike, prefer to get more bang for their buck and make more money in relation to what they’re betting. And the special bonuses set up by many online poker rooms are designed to offer just that.

A lot of poker rooms offer sign-up bonuses to attract new players. For example, Full Tilt Poker is currently offering a 100% deposit bonus on a new player’s first deposit. The DoylesRoom poker site is offering a “special bonus” of up to 110 percent — if you know where to look. These types of deals often come and go, meaning that they’re not a regular occurrence. So, it’s not so easy to just bookmark certain pages and know that they offer bonuses — you have to keep up with what poker rooms offer on a regular basis.

But how to do that? What are the best resources for finding the online poker world’s most lucrative (and most reliable) Internet poker bonuses? Of course, we’re going to direct you towards the resources here at PokerAffiliatePrograms.com (PAP). But with good reason! The main poker affiliate program directory has an easy-to-view column that lists each program’s player bonus. Simply click on the name of the program for more details.

And of course, the PAP Forum is a great place to stay on top of the latest poker room bonuses. Often, affiliate managers will let the community know if a new bonus promotion is in place, and sometimes, a community member will start a discussion on what the best online poker bonuses are, as was the case here.

Think about starting a blog or a mini-site on poker room bonuses (or even promotions in general) to take advantage of the SEO power of this online poker concept. It’s a great way to bring in more traffic, and, if you provide solid info on where players can find bonuses on your poker affiliate program partners, you’re likely to get more conversions and make more money, in the process.


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