One of the most commonly overlooked methods of scoring more online poker site traffic is to make sure your content focuses on the top poker rooms. In other words, you need to tell your visitors why the poker affiliate programs on your site are the best.

Players like to search for the top poker rooms, or top-paying poker rooms — so make sure you create plenty of content about why your online poker advertisers are the top poker rooms to play at. This will help you rank for terms like top and best poker rooms, while also increasing your chances of getting more click-throughs on your ads.

When Internet poker players search for poker rooms, they tend to use terms like “top poker rooms”, “top ten poker sites”, “best poker sites”, and so on. So, it’s not enough to simply offer a collection of poker rooms for visitors to check out. To really ramp up your online poker SEO, evaluate the poker rooms on your site. Explain why they’re better than other poker rooms. Rank them; talk about their benefits; help players to really understand why they’ll want to click on the ads for these poker websites.

Even better, write specific content about the “top poker rooms” or “top ten poker rooms”, listing your poker affiliates from 1 to 10. Lists like these are usually popular with readers, as well as with other poker sites — write a good explanation for why your choices for top poker rooms are really the best, and you may get some natural links from other sites who link to your article. (Remember to create this content with SEO firmly in mind; you’ll want to use SEO best practices to ensure your articles get ranked for terms like top poker rooms and top ten poker sites.)

Of course, to successfully pull off an SEO ranking for the top poker rooms, you’ll need to actually find the top poker sites. Poker Affiliate Programs partners are your best bets; to come up with this list, we’ve carefully selected the best of the industry’s poker sites from not only an affiliate’s but also a player’s perspective. But you’ll want to go beyond that for research; other great resources for online poker rooms on the Internet are PokerListings and PokerNews. And, most importantly, it’s what your experience has shown. Players love to read online poker advice straight from an experienced player. So start off by writing about why your favorite poker rooms are, in your opinion, the top poker rooms, and engineer a SEO plan around that content.


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