I was reading a great post today on 45n5.com about measuring the right things when it comes to your various websites. I know a few affiliates on PAP that run 10+ sites and have a hard time monitoring all the analytics that lead to their successes and failures.

Most common are the excel spreadsheets that most of us just copy and paste information on to.  We pull up our affiliate reports and then see how many clicks, RMP’s and deposits we had from each tracking link. Hopefully everyone is using individual links for each banner/text link they are promoting if they are placing them on more than 1 portal; or even more than one location on the site. If you are then good work and it’s time to start measuring more in depth.

Deposits and revenue share are the most important numbers to each of us. However, setting goals and checking out what they were/were not reached is also vital. Setting goals is the first step to take once you have an idea how your site is performing. After that it’s time to track and chart out what’s really happening.

I suggest charting out all your sites on one sheet and then looking at the ‘vital factors’ for each domain. The post above suggests the following analytics: Unique visitors, Conversions, Subscribers, Total Site Earnings, Feed Subscribers, Indexed pages in Google and comment count (for blogs).

While some of these may not apply to your site you can start to get an idea that more is involved than just the information provided by the affiliate sites alone. Get an idea of what’s happening on your sites and how other things you are doing successfully can be applied across the board.

If you have any other ideas or metrics that could be useful please comment here and share.