If you ever have developed a website that had either affiliate links or Google adsense then I would guess that you have sought marketing advice from other ‘super affiliate’ sources. (via a blog) That’s a great idea and if you haven’t looked for advice from experts then I would suggest you start. These places can be a great source of inspiration, not always information.
There are exceptions to the sentence above. One prime example is Eli’s SEO blog that gives straight up information while engaging visitors to either comment or use his services.

I like to read these ‘super affiliate’ blogs simply for inspiration. I can always get excited from what Shoemoney is talking about; or the ideas that come out of seoMOZ. From a Poker Affiliate standpoint I usually see what my buddy Jeremy Enke has for us as well.

Looking at what other successful affiliates have done, and are doing is an awesome way to start your day before posting and adding content. Choose a few great RSS feeds to read and start the next few weeks by pruning through what they are discussing and how those ideas spark your own new ventures.

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