So Let’s Call This The Highlights Box

In the last article, we started looking at Poker Listings’ “hits and misses” box located in the upper left on the sidebar of their 888 Poker review.  I decided that this is not the best place to put the misses in the review, mainly because putting the misses, the shortcomings of the site, in such a prominent and up front position would not serve the purpose of this box properly, as it should function as a lead in to attract people to read the review, and what we do not want to do here is to include elements that may potentially drive readers away from reading it, thereby producing the opposite effect of what is intended and is required by this.

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Let’s make sure we highlight the right things for them

Now on the other hand there may be something to be said about the effect of describing misses this prominently and up front may have, to show for instance that we just aren’t pimping this site and are shrills for it, even though in reality we are, but we don’t want to come across that way if we are to strive for maximum effectiveness and conversion.

Placing The Misses In Places We Can Deal With Them Better

However there are other ways we can seek to accomplish this objective without getting into things that we simply do not have the space to elaborate on, which is often the cases with “misses,” we want to tell them about the misses but also need to fully explain them and also seek to buffer them to make them more palatable.

So what I mean by this is by doing things such as telling them that yeah, you’re going to have to wait a little bit longer for your withdrawals to be processed at 888 Poker, and at first I found this to be a little annoying, but in the end it is worth a little longer wait for my money when I’m making more at this site, and the little extra time waiting becomes completely unimportant since it’s making money that I am concerned about, and I’m sure that this is the case with you as well, so I really wouldn’t worry about this at all.

So this is something we can and should do in the body of the review, and there’s no reason why we can’t have a hits and misses section in there, and we definitely should, and make it pretty prominent as well, as prominent as you want to actually, provided we have the space to deal with it properly.

So you could even make that your first section in the body of the review if you wanted and that would be fine, because handling this properly both allows us to establish the credibility and honesty that we need to establish and also use this section as a took in order to further convince them to play there.

A small box like this obviously doesn’t allow us to qualify the misses this way though and that’s why it’s not the spot to be doing these things in.  There are always going to be some buts, as in the site is like this but, but there are no room for buts in a sidebar box as this will require more elaboration than we are able to provide here.

The worst thing we can do though is what Poker Listings’ does, which is to call it hits and misses and not even provide any misses, although it is true that they do provide some with some of their other reviews.  When we don’t provide any misses then this makes us look bad as if we are just pimping the site.

Be Careful What You Tell Them

I’ve spoken about these highlights before, the so called hits that are listed in the box now, and at least some of them definitely need to be improved upon.  For instance I don’t think I’m being too picky by saying that calling this site loose and juicy isn’t ideal, mostly because it hasn’t been that way for a good number of years.

The players at 888 Poker still aren’t the best out there and that’s a big feature of the site, the relatively soft competition, and every site is soft compared to Poker Stars for instance, so we could rightly say that this and every other one is soft therefore.

It’s been quite a while since we’ve seen sites which are notably loose though, and 888 Poker is no exception, the players are bad but it is because they tend to be too tight, not too loose.  I wrote reviews of 888 Poker in earlier times, like 10 years ago, when this poker site was ridiculously loose and all you had to do was play tight and you could really clean up.

This is far from the case anymore, and it isn’t the case anywhere actually, other than the fact that there might be one poker site where they still play loose at any stakes, that being the Delaware regulated poker site, but there’s never more than a few tables running there at any one time, they only run micro stakes, and you have to be from Delaware to play there.

Other than that, we’ve gone from no foldem holdem to a folding frenzy where the games are way too tight, but that’s not a bad thing, it is still fish but a different breed of fish that have to be played against completely differently.

So if we tell people that a site is loose and juicy, and they have played there before, they will know that we are way off on this and this will affect our credibility as far as our getting them to try out other sites.  If they go there expecting this, they will be disappointed and this will affect our ability to get them to sign up at more of our recommended sites as well.

So it’s perfectly fine to embellish the truth but we have to at least get in the neighborhood of the truth at least, and can look to enhance that, but we need to make sure that we don’t come off looking mistaken when our information is put to the test.


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