As an Internet poker affiliate, you’re always searching for ways to catch the attention of online poker players and bring in more traffic. (Or at least, you should be!)

And to do this, you need to get inside the mind of the modern Internet poker player. Think like a poker player, and you’ll know what they like. And then you will, ideally, be able to better market to them.

And what do online poker players like? Specifically, they like freerolls.

I’m talking about freeroll tournaments, where online poker rooms let players compete for a prize pool (with a low entry fee, sometimes even free). Some freerolls are invitation only, some are open to everyone. Either way, online poker players usually go for them in a big way — and they’re a term that’s commonly searched for when players are looking for a website to play poker.

And lucky for you, freerolls are easy to come by. The big guys — the major brands like Full Tilt Poker, UltimateBet, Absolute Poker, and DoylesRoom — offer freerolls all the time. They know it’s a good way to pull in players hungry for big wins at low stakes. So players check those sites out regularly to see what freerolls are on offer.

Unfortunately, those sites don’t always do the best job of letting affiliates know when or where their next freeroll is. (Sorry, but it’s true.) So, the burden is at least partially on you to check out these sites on a regular basis to find out what the latest freerolls are. But that’s easy enough to do. Just bookmark their freeroll or promotion pages (for example, here’s Full Tilt’s freeroll page) or set up a Google Alert for their names. (Go to, enter in the search terms DoylesRoom and freeroll, enter your email, and boom, you’re set. You’ll get email alerts every time DoylesRoom starts a new freeroll, or publishes info on one.)

But how to turn this freeroll knowledge into site visits? You could write a blog about freerolls, letting people know the daily or weekly freerolls offered by the poker affiliate programs you offer. This should get your site the attention of players, and over time can get you some SEO presence for the freeroll key word.

Or, take my advice from last week, and build an Internet poker mini-site dedicated to freerolls. So when players search for online poker freerolls, they’ll come to your site. And if you’ve been studying your online poker analytics, you know that could turn into quite a lot of traffic.


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