As much as I hate, hate, hate to refer to a tabloid like TMZ for information, they were among the first to carry the crazy story of NBC’s lawsuit over the huge failure of its online poker reality TV show, which crashed and burned in the ratings last month.

And now, the network is being sued, apparently by someone named Brandon McSmith who says NBC stole his idea for the show.

Because the idea of amateur online poker players competing against pros is a pretty original idea, right?

Anyway, McSmith claims he pitched the idea to a different production company, but it was rejected … and then somehow fell into NBC’s hands, several years later.

Too bad news of this lawsuit didn’t break before the show’s premiere … a bit of controversy like this might have brought the ratings for “Face the Ace” up from abysmal to just bad.

Did you watch the show? Did you think it was badly done, or maybe the world isn’t quite as ready to embrace the world of online poker players as everyone thought? (Or are we all just really really sick of reality TV?)

The TMZ article can be found here.


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