June 15, 2009 (PAP Newswire) — As the official sponsor of the World Series of Poker (WSOP), Everest Poker
has chosen a fitting time to launch a new, redesigned website. Just as
WSOP fever is heating up, with media coverage to be found everywhere,
Everest has rolled out a new, “player-focused” website redesign,
created to maximize its brand presence and make the Everest experience
more satisfying to poker players.  

The new site’s mission statement, “Passionate About Your Game”,
emphasizes the fact that the company is run by, and for, poker
enthusiasts, giving it an advantage in the competitive online poker

The site’s navigation has also been reconfigured to make it easier for
players to find their way around. The latest offers and promotions will
be easier to find; and a more prominent community section has been
added to offer more transparency on Everest’s exclusive events and live

“We want our players to be able to choose and find their favorite games
with ease as well as highlight the differences we offer; namely
exclusive live tournaments, a genuine poker community or simply the
additional financial gains available,” commented Sandrine Mangia-Park, Everest Poker Director.

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