December 9, 2008 (InfoPowa News) — The fascinating website HighStakesDB reports that a new record in chip stacks was set this week, with Phil “OMGClayAiken” Galfond enjoying massive success in the 6-max games on FullTilt
At one point during a remarkable session over the weekend, Galfond was
sitting on a stack of $1.5 million at a $500/$1000 NLHE 6-max table.
The $1.5 million stack is believed to be the largest stack at a single
table in online poker history, HighStakesDB observes.
experiencing a couple of big hit reversals, Galfond left with
$1,266,264 — also a new record. During the action Galfond apparently
won three separate pots, each valued at well over $400,000.
Over the past few days the action around risk-taker Tom “durr” Dwan reached
some exciting phases, too. On December 5th playing Hold’em NL $500/1000
he achieved a very impressive profit of $955,000, having totally
dominated all opponents including formidable international players like
Phil Ivey and Gus Hansen over a 24-hour period. He left the tables with a $455,000 and $772,000 stack — an overall profit of $955,000.
December 6th, Dwan was at the tables again, this time pushing his
24-hour winnings substantially over a million dollars by winning his
largest hand ever — $657,000.
The other side of the coin was
a staggering $1.4 million loss for player “Ziigmund” in a NLHE game on
December 7th, when the player’s successful run in recent days came to
an abrupt and expensive end. He wasn’t alone, player “Elmariachimacho” took
a massive $750,000 hit, too. The losers benefitted the still successful
OMGClayAiken (+$613,000), Dwan (+$501,000), and Urindanger (+$409,000).