Looking to build up your Internet poker SEO? Need ways to rake in more online poker players?

Consider offering poker lessons. As one of the Internet poker world’s most-searched-for keywords, “lessons” holds a powerful position in the world of online poker SEO.

Think about it: A lot of potential poker players are searching for ways to improve their game. So, they’re not only searching for basic key words like Internet poker, or places to play (those are easy enough to find, right?) — they’re also looking for ways to get better at playing and ultimately make more money.

As an online poker affiliate, a great way to take advantage of this trend is to offer direct advice on how players can play better. Draw on your own experience as an Internet poker player — and remember to emphasize that being good at traditional poker does not necessarily make one good at Internet poker. Describe the differences between playing poker on the Internet and playing in a land-based casino. Then take those differences and figure out what exactly helps a player win online. Build that information out into a set of lessons, and market the content as “online poker lessons” or “lessons for Internet poker”.

Write your lessons with humor and first-hand experience; try to talk directly to your visitors instead of just firing off a list of tips (although that’s not so bad, either). If your whole site isn’t devoted to lessons, that’s fine; build out an online poker mini-site or just a special section of your site to dedicated to lessons. Treat these sub-categories as their own SEO strategies, and you should have no trouble pulling in additional traffic and conversions from players looking to get better at their game.


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